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This makes you mysterious and it makes women relate to you much better.Here is an online dating profile example for men about traveling from my book on writing profiles…The guy who first used this got 28 messages the first day he posted it!!!Life isn’t all about work though, and somewhere along the way I started traveling.Pretend the girl is right next to you and tell a story that shows some quality that women like.It can be that you’re happy, driven, passionate, or family-orientated.

Too many guys make a list of traits about themselves, and one of the most common things they list is having confidence. I’d suggest you put up a picture of yourself doing something you love to do, something you’re good at.

That is, there is no evidence that extroverts are best matched with introverts, or people who are open to experience prefer others who are also open to experience.

One notable finding is that individuals high in neuroticism (i.e., the personality trait that denotes whether someone tends to experience negative and easily changeable emotions—think Woody Allen’s characters) tend to form the least stable and satisfying unions.

I haven’t been all over the world or anything, but I’ve been a few incredible places.

Besides, adventure and wonder are where you find them.

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