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Christina El Moussa couldn't have imagined that one of the most painful years of her life would end up being the most transformative.It's been nine months since she and her co-star onscreen and off, Tarek El Moussa, announced they had separated (six months beforehand) after seven years of marriage.Happy families with cute kids are great, but a newly single, smokin' hot mom who can weigh in on all things lifestyle and is about to embark on all sorts of new adventures, such as dating? "It's really nice right now because I don't know what's coming next, and it's cool," she said.

"Well, Tarek and I don't really talk about our personal lives," El Moussa said.Regardless of the situation, our job is to flip homes and create a TV show for people to enjoy around the world... Everyone thought it would be their last season, but ratings and ad sales for the show skyrocketed." may have come as a pleasant prepared for some disasters and crazy projects on the upcoming season... But it was also an eye-opening lesson as to what attracts viewer (and sponsors') interest. News' Jason Kennedy recently that she was focused on , but after that ends, she's "open to any possibilities," such as starring on her own show."I don't want the whole arguing-type thing," she concluded. I'm very low-key."So along with having fresh opportunities, Christina El Moussa is under the microscope like never before as well.Dating, attending a sporting event, doing charity work, wearing a bikini on vacation—all have become "public interest," fodder for a conversation about what she's up to. She's also in a relationship with Doug Spedding, an O.

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