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Stephanie herseth dating

But in echoes of the tea party-establishment battles roiling the Republican Party, to the small universe of Democratic activists within the state, Weiland's progressive principles trumped Herseth Sandlin's more-electable profile."Stephanie's still trying to lick some wounds with the party faithful that were disappointed in her health care vote, and can't get over that.

There was a motive there to shut her out, from even entertaining the option from running," said state Senate Minority Leader Jason Frerichs, an ally of Herseth Sandlin.

Tim Johnson could have been one of the most consequential contests in the country, if Democrats had a little more luck. Heidi Heitkamp's surprising 2012 victory in neighboring North Dakota served as a fresh reminder that strong candidates running in conservative-minded states can overcome disadvantages.

Just over a year ago, the political talk in South Dakota centered on which of their up-and-coming prospects would run — former Rep. As Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee tried to engineer the situation to their advantage — they preferred Herseth Sandlin to the more-liberal Johnson, and wanted to avoid a contentious primary — the party's worst-case scenario materialized.

If Herseth Sandlin ran, Pressler could have played a significant role in a competitive race, but he's now a quirky afterthought.

Out of politics for over a decade, Pressler was never a threat to win, but he could have peeled away enough Republican votes from Rounds to make the general election highly competitive.

Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, one of the most popular figures in the state after representing it for three full terms in the House, or Tim Johnson's son Brendan Johnson, who's serving as a U. Johnson first expressed his disinterest in May 2013, leaving the door wide open for the former congresswoman to run.

At the same time Johnson made his decision, Weiland announced his candidacy with support from some Johnson allies.

You see, she’s not only taking money from special interests, she’s also married to former Democrat Congressman Max Sandlin who, after losing his re-election to Congress, did what a lot of politicians seem to do—became a lobbyist.

The state is holding its primaries Tuesday, and they're an afterthought. Mike Rounds is the Republican now on a glide path to the Senate, facing weak opposition in the GOP primary.

In the general election, he'll face Rick Weiland, a former state director for Tom Daschle who (even the most optimistic Democrats will acknowledge) faces near-impossible odds in the solidly red state. The Senate race to succeed retiring Democratic Sen.

"Her decision not to run surprised so many of us, we're kicking ourselves for not pushing harder on her to run."For a time last year, the prospect of a messy primary fight on the Republican side seemed more likely.

Rounds entered the race in early 2013 to much fanfare, but struggled to raise money and faced grumbling from outside conservative groups over his spending record and inclination toward deal-making as governor. Kristi Noem, who unseated Herseth Sandlin in 2010, was seriously considering entering the race, hoping to capitalize on the conservative discontent. "She realized that she could jeopardize what would be a slam-dunk Republican opportunity," said one Republican official with ties to South Dakota.

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