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Starview 4 data updating

Net Beans module that provides Ja Co Co code coverage for Ant based Java SE, Java EE and Net Beans Module projects (JDK5,6,7,8 compatible). Currently it supports only class diagrams providing drag-and-drop visual editor for diagram drawing, Java code generation from diagrams and 'reverse engineering' to create class diagrams from...

Adds a new tab "Decompile" to each Java source file.Project types are provided for ROS workspace environments and for ROS packages within a ROS workspace.File type recognition is provided for .cfg, .launch, .bag,...To provide a design view on FXML files, a new multiview is provided by this plugin using the Java FX Scene Builder Kit.Cold Beans is a modern color-scheme for a new coding experience in Net Beans!

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It skips the rebuild, restart, and redeploy cycle common in Java development.

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