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If not, do inform the photographer that the photo is for NRIC.

(Wear darker shirt/ top) – On the date of appointment.

Looking at the specimens again, this time in sunshine, I just glimpsed a hint of mauve on the stem. Even now it is not bright but the specimens are old and dry. I shall consider writing a book about supermarket car park fungi. Monday 22nd December 2014 The additional pages to the book, Ascomycetes in Colour by Peter Thompson, arrived today.

This page includes the Astrosphaeriella stellata that grows on my old bamboo canes at the allotment.

Saturday 27th December 2014 The snow hit with a vengeance last night.

I shall definitely stay at home and do some armchair foraying.

After a lot of research my conclusion is a Psilocybe and the only one I can find of this size and with the size of spores and cystidia is Psilocybe inqillina. Thursday 11th December 2014 Dodging the hail showers, I went up to my allotment to make sure the greenhouse was in one piece after the gales. Monday 8th December 2014 I took a chance on a break in the weather for a quick walk to my local park.

Despite the frost, there were still Russulas around, blennius and ochroleuca.

There is flowerbed right outside the main entrance that is heavily woodchipped. Why did it not grow on the many other flowerbeds in the car park?

A Melanoleuca has me foxed but a lot of them look the same. Thursday 4th December 2014 People know I am interested in fungi and send me terrible photos, asking me to identify them.

The larger spores and type of cystidia ruled out the common ones, the only one I could find that fitted all the microscopic features was Melanoleuca schumacheri but this is a Red Data species. One looks like a tiny Collybia with very small white spores. I note that the genus has been changed to Gymnopus (Collybia). Here is the latest (one of the better ones) found in a churchyard. Monday 1st December 2014 I have been contacted by The Biodiverse Society, a partnership of various wildlife trusts, who are looking for volunteers to assist with surveying sites, recording wildlife and training people to do these things.

3 Passport Sized Photos (White / blue background) 7. – You will surrender your Malaysian I/C, passport and birth cert to the Malaysia High Comm.

/- Cash for processing fee *IMPORTANT: All photocopies MUST BE in A4 size, if you forgot to do so, there’s a photocopy counter (20 cents each) at the other hall where they process passport applications) 8. Get him to check your K form and supporting documents. So you may want to make extra photocopies of those documents just in case you need them in future for reference etc.

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