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Speed dating riga

Latvia has one of the best education systems in the world and the women in Latvia are particularly well educated.Along with being able to speak multiple languages including English many if not most women from Latvia have a college degree and many have post graduate qualifications as well.They also tend to dress and act slightly differently and they like to stick to their own kind.At bars you will see tables of Russian Latvian women and Latvian Latvians women.Thanks to a quirk of history that saw Russians getting resettled en masse in Latvia the population of the city is divided up between Russian Latvians and Latvian Latvians, with the Russian Latvians making up about 30% of the population.The main differentiating factor is the language with the Russian Latvians naturally speaking Russian.

If you want a good idea of the kind of women you can expect to find in Riga, check out this video from the 2011 Blonde Parade which was put on to help boost morale during their hard economic times: When visiting Riga you will want to be sure to visit the heart of the city which is the Old Town district. This majestic building is home to the cities council and the main tourist center.

These are bars that have been specifically set up to rip off foreigners by over charging for drinks.

The setup usually goes as follows, hot Latvian women (usually Russian Latvian) asks you to join her at a near by bar.

And unlike women in the United States or the UK you almost never see a woman who is overweight.

These women are decidedly thin and very hot and the dress code tends to towards short skirts (even when cold) and high heels.

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If you prefer to dance check out Club Essential, this large club is almost always full and often features superstar DJs making a tour of the baltics.