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This has been dubbed the “Oslo effect” after the city where the problem was first identified.The statistics are collected annually to inform the development and monitoring of light rail policy.This is known as the Oslo effect after the city where it was first noted 3.Unfortunately, electric vehicles can be up to 40% heavier so even more of these harmful particles are emitted from the tyres.Light rail commutes had the lowest average exposure per mile for all measured pollutants, and car trips experienced marginally higher per mile exposure, whereas train commutes with older diesel technologies experienced the largest exposure per mile of all of the motorized transportation commute modes.The study also offers advice for reducing exposure to air pollution during commute trips: Tram Forward is disappointed with the recently announced Government air quality policy as it deals only with the reduction of nitrogen dioxide pollution from vehicle exhausts.All Party Parliamentary Light Rail Group Meeting at the House of Commons, Tuesday, 24th October 2017 Chairman: Iain Stewart MP..Speakers Transport Focus Tram Passenger Survey Robert Pain Senior Insight Advisor at Transport Focus. Tram Re-introduction Group for Bath Trams for Cambridge (as part of "Ca MKOx") Dr Colin Harris Cambridge Connect Mr Daniel Zeichner MP for Cambridge For the £196 million , proposed for the Western Link road and other new road schemes, a low-cost, lightweight tramway scheme along the lines of that proposed for Coventry (developed, designed and manufactured in the UK) would far better serve the needs of this town by careful route planning to keep the "rat running" out of the town, a town that has aspirations for city status There is an opportunity coming in the proposed rebalancing of the North - South economy This can be provided by rail as part of the "Rail North" proposals and must include light rail and tramways, each mode providing optimal service for varying traffic flows.

Westminster Energy, Environment & Transport Forum Keynote Seminar Transport in the North of England: infrastructure, economic growth and devolution Timing: Morning, Tuesday, 18th July 2017 Venue: Central Manchester The Light Rail Transit Association notes the recent EU final warning and threat of heavy fines against five countries, including the UK, on air quality breaches.Nitrogen dioxide is only part of the problem, particulate matter is also extremely damaging to health.While the proposed measures may well cut down particulate as well as nitrogen dioxide emissions, they will do nothing to tackle the other major source of particulate pollution, which is wear of tyres, brake linings and road surfaces.A follow on of the current Ca Mk Ox series The workshop will bring together an invited group of practitioners and policy makers to discuss the feasibility of using a new generation of trams to connect the historic centre with new housing and other developments.Fourth Report of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee, Fourth Report of the Environmental Audit Committee, Third Report of the Health and Social Care Committee, and Second Report of the Transport Committee of Session 2017–19An invitation from Mr.

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It has generally been assumed that most vehicle pollution comes from the tail pipe and by cleaning up engines or moving to electric vehicles that can be cut.

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