Speed dating hampshire surrey

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Speed dating hampshire surrey

Close to Henley Fort is a high-tech landmark that can be seen clearly for many miles around.

The fort located at the end of The Mount, overlooks 22 acres of open space for camping, has two bunk houses sleeping 20 people, a dining hall for 80, a Home Guard hut, air raid shelter and powder rooms.

the trial broadcasts will be received by homes in south west London.

The BBC have chosen the Guildford transmitters from where to start testing their introduction of High Definition (HD) broadcasts into the UK through the Freeview service.

However one Guildford resident has a more relaxed view, as his letter written to a local newspaper shows: "I cannot understand why the abundance of potholes causes so much concern.

Following the long period of cold weather during the winter of 2009/2010 there has been a major groundswell of anger at the state of the roads throughout the Wey Valley.

The Pewley Downs Conservation Volunteers (PDCV) actively assist the council's wardens in the protection and upkeep of the down.

The road and track today forms part of Route 22 of the National Cycle Network.

The brewery decided to gift Pewley to the town as a war memorial and today the hillside is a popular destination for local people wanting to enjoy the views over the Weald Basin and Surrey Hills.

MORE HERE At the close of the First World War the now defunct Friary Brewery was a significant landowner in the area, and as well as owning key sites in Guildford where their brewery functions were carried out, the brewery in 1920 bought a substantial part of Pewley Down near the town.

Today there are four masts bristling with all manner of transmitters and receivers providing services for users including television, radio, telecommunications and emergency services.

Transmitter masts were first erected here in the 1950s on the ridge of the Hog's Back to provide booster signals for radio and television transmissions.

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Eight chicks were hatched ) in the seemingly unsavoury location and led to the landlord having to hastily post signs to warn the smokers to dispose of their butt ends elsewhere.

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