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Why do negative emotions draw so much attention in our own self-processing?How do different types of emotions impact our learning and expression of what we notice about ourselves in the world?In the final module of our six-module series we define the difference between being friendly and developing friendship through the review of our Friendship Pyramid.We also explore how this treatment framework can also be used to take data on a student’s emerging social outreach.This highly regarded course will tackle strategies to promote executive functioning, spontaneous and advanced perspective taking, and problem solving to help individuals who experience “me thinking” evolve toward collaborating with others as “we thinkers.” Our Intention-Driven Social Behavior Map will be reviewed.Explore case studies to teach specific concepts, such as being an .Engaging in social problem solving, including problem identification.Why language falls short when talking about emotions and practical tools to encourage expression of one’s emotional self.

Michelle sought out research to assist her in developing strategies to help her clients—children through mature adults—who were presenting with powerful anxiety and depression in addition to their weak development of social communication concepts and skills.We will pull all this information together by showing how we teach students about their own executive functioning process.A strategy will be explained to study if your student is ready to “generalize” some of the skills they have been practicing.How can we help individuals who get stuck on negative emotions notice that those emotions signal a need to problem solve?How are emotions critical for reading intentions and developing social competencies for increasingly successful social engagement?

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How stuck negative emotions can provide a sense of heightened control. How executive functioning, perspective taking, and central coherence dovetail with emotional self-management and interpersonal self-management.