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I seriously doubt Rafael is gonna come back with any kind of FREEBIRD. We booed Toto off the stage when they were so, so young. And besides, they had like 5 guitar players, how many people can you fit on one stage? Tony did the entire job, we've seen him before right here.And Tony Iommi is who we wanted to see, and Ozzy, and Geez, and Billy.This was to occur in California after the summer of this most adventurous year!"Le Vent Souffle Ou Il Veut" ("The wind blows where it may") Part 1 is an excerpt from "The Incredible Adventures of Mischa" by Michele Dawn Saint Thomas Rob Dwyer's Black Sabbath gigs lists on have this info: "Bedlam (with Cozy Powell), Lynyrd Skynyrd [replaced B. C.], Blue Oyster Cult [cancelled] - Rescheduled from 3/8" However, other than that, I'd had no other indication that BOC were ever scheduled to have played this gig.

Fire hoses were brought in from the concourse level and sprayed into the floor. BOC seemingly were on the original bill, but were replaced somewhat late in the day by Lynyrd Skynyrd - maybe they couldn't make the new date?

Missing Blue Oyster Cult's New Orleans show was not something I was proud of.

Thus, as soon as I arrived home, I began making plans to attend a BOC concert elsewhere...

Despite the mention on the above flyer, I had been previously led to believe that there had only been just the one gig at the Ambassador Theatre (on the 23rd March) but the following review featured in the 23 March 1974 issue of the St.

Louis Post-Dispatch clearly indicated that there were two: Ambassador Concert by Blue Oyster Cultby Merrill Brown You know a rock concert is not a success when the stage announcer has to plead with the audience to call the performers back for an encore.

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I only know of the existence of this gig because Lynyrd Skynyrd's contract for the gig went on ebay in June 2016.

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