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RAF Flight lieutenants John Peters and John Nichol were captured in the desert of Iraq in 1991 when their Tornado was hit by Saddam’s air defences.They were prisoners for seven terrible weeks of torture, abuse and interrogations.In his story there is the joinery of modern day operations, and the intricacy of dealing with rules of engagement, political implications, media considerations that are a cornerstone of modern operations.The most vibrant pages of the book are about a casualty extraction from an incandescent landing zone in Musa Qala, which required a major combined effort to be carried out and which resulted in the award of the Distinguished Flying Cross.The book is full of photos that appear on many of the pages, and original letters sent at the time are also reproduced inside.It is another deserving story: the battles over Greece are not the most famous, so it is great to include them in this collection.He said he wrote for humanity whole, to let at least some of the stories of those men be known, to show what they were ready to do for their ideals.

It is amusing to read of how an impudent Texan joyously asked King George VI permission to wear Texan boots with the RAF uniform, and touching that the original Eagle squadrons asked to continue wearing RAF wings on their uniforms after becoming USAAF units.

He trains in Nairobi, on Tiger Moths, then out to the huge base at Habbaniya, before joining 80 Squadron with its Gloster Gladiators.

But Roald crashes in the desert and has to go through a slow and painful recovery in Alexandria, before ferrying a Hurricane out to Greece and staying there to fight alongside the remaining few, and they were really few at that point, trying to carry through a doomed campaign.

He helped rescue a mother and her children from a bombed house, and that ensured that he would never rest. He decided to become a fighter pilot in the RAF and served in 43 Squadron and for a stint in 416 Squadron, Canadian, before being posted to fly Spitfires with 133 Squadron, one of three Eagle Squadrons set up for American volunteers.

Eventually, those Squadrons would become the core of Fourth Fighter Group, Eight Air Force when the United States declared war, and the Spitfires were hesitantly handed over to be replaced by P-47s.

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by Geoffrey Wellum contains one of the most impressive recollections of training to become a fighter pilot. The entry, with very little in terms of flying hours, in newly formed 92 Squadron.

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