Southeast texas dating american asian dating in island li long ny

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Southeast texas dating

Beaumont/Pt Arthur are not anything at all like San Antonio for example or even laredo. People here are rude as 99, Not trying to impress you nor defend this area south of where I live but where I do work.

This is the only explanation that I can think of as to why I have problems here and not there. Just pointing out that though you say you articulate carefully maybe you are articulating the wrong word or possibly making up your own words (this will turn some women off).

I also pronounce all of my words and articulate my words carefully.

One of my main reasons for writing this is because of dating. Women here are average at best, but they apparently don't know that.

That said, maybe take a weekend trip to the nearest big city.

The female population will be larger and more diverse.

There is a much higher percentage of blacks and the Caucasian population has quite a bit more Cajun influence ... I interact in this area frequently with ALL types (healthcare settings) and have no issues relating to the local populations or with any bizarre rudeness (yes, some are rude but I had far more exposure to rude behavior when I lived/visited in the northern US) .

For the most part I see genuine good people with nice manners here.

Probably you should move out of the area ASAP for I see things getting more stagnant in your romantic life.

After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads. The only things that I could actually see being useful would be hunting and fishing and that would be used to teach someone in case of a zombie apocalypse or something. I have been stereotyped for not liking these things and I have been told more than once that something is wrong with me.

So I had to move back here since a close relative passed away last year and it's been hell on wheels ever since. Oh and by the way stereotypes are alive and kicking here.

Sorry if the constant pain in my back prevents me from spelling two words right.

I am not at all inept and I have hooked up in other places, other countries, and other parts in Texas. You can defend this place all you want, but certain regions or even cities have their own culture.

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Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! First of all, I know it may seem like stereo types but this is just the way the area is and if you are not like the natives here then you are considered "weird" I am not into hunting, fishing, camo, shooting deer, trucks, mudding or misusing the English language.

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