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Slow things down dating

Photo Bucket Why not employ some of the practices of courtship?

Take the time to really learn about your partner to determine if they are a good fit. Love isn’t a race to be won, it’s a day by day, moment by moment process.

and sometimes you can go back for another round or two.

The chicks that are actually cool with just a casual relationship are far in between.

Things will indeed die out soon and most chicks will move on.

Even if the two of you continue dating and having sex, the problem isn’t that you’re having excessive sex in the relationship, it’s the fact that you’re having TOO much sex before the relationship even has time to begin to develop.

Like it or not, ongoing good sex early in dating typically results in the ‘rose colored glasses’ effect — you are so high on those feel-good endorphins that you fall too quickly and your reality is warped.

All too many of us have to learn this lesson the hard way.

So instead of jumping into a hot, steamy fling, think about taking things slow for a change.

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There’s no doubt you’ll learn something valuable and perhaps give you what you need to slow down at the beginning so when you do rev it up, your connection will be here to stay.

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