Site for love and dating in uzbekistan why are you online dating

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Women in Uzbekistan are dedicated to their husbands and their children.

Divorce is very rare in this country and will only be considered in rare circumstances.

Even a woman who, in the west, would be considered only average in terms of weight may think of herself as being slightly overweight in Uzbekistan.

Not every Uzbek girl fits the standard haired mould however.

There are a number of different nationalities in this country with for example 5% of the population being Russian.

So you may also find that your prospective partner is a blonde haired Slavic beauty rather than your standard Uzbekistan lady.

This leads to a situation where most Uzbekistan men are unable to take their girlfriends or wives out on what we would call a normal date.

Almost women from Uzbekistan have slim figures as obesity is hardly even an issue in this country.And the men that are available do not offer a lifestyle or future which is particularly desirable to many Uzbekistan women.A western man on the other hand with even a fairly standard job can offer a life that is for many of these women almost unimaginable.An Uzbekistan wife is much more traditional than her western counterpart.She will in all likelihood expect you to provide for the family financially but in return she will be supportive of your career and keep the home.

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The literacy rate in Uzbekistan is above 99% because of the free education system in the Soviet Union.