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Posted by / 18-Jan-2020 19:25

I was going to request the Onyx Plus unit which also has the extra channels on it, not that I'd ever listen to them.

But I'd also have to upgrade my subscription to All Access. Other stations are nice to have but that's the one I listened to most of the time. Maybe it will come back if enough people ask for it.

S60RPackages: Premium, Climate Options: Sport Appearance Package, 18" Pegs, 6Spd Geartronic, Navigation Accessories: Sunglasses holder, Sirius Radio, Volvo Digital Jukebox Mods: SS DEM Mod "Just say no to LV VIN codes"So did the dealership even look into a software update for the radio module?

everything in a Volvo is driven by software and I can't believe they would design a radio that couldn't get an updated channel lineup. Said no update is possible due to the fact it's a generation 1 Sirius radio.

The last person said I need to go to Volvo and check for radio software updates. Volvo Service Advantage is supposed to do that anyways when you take your car in for service.

I have his email if you want to see the exact explanation to me. In fact, I have been in touch with several other people who are having the exact same issue, not with a Volvo but with VW's.

I added a Sirius radio to my C70 on July 18th but after finishing the installation I couldn't figure out why I wasn't getting #75 (Pops).

After searching their website I realized they'd dropped it, sure enough it was gone in my S60 (built in Sirius XM) too.

On July 17th, Sirius had several channels added to their lineup of garbage (most of the channels are just that), and I just spent my third day speaking to elevated tech support.

My radio only did a few of the changes, but the two channels that were added, Channels 55 and 57, refuse to get added in.

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He said all he could do is a software update and replace the exact same module in car, and it wouldn't accomplish a thing.