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Single parent dating in lagos

He believed in ‘charity begins at home,’ and towards the achievement of internal unity, peace and security he dedicated himself…. Life — exemplary.” These words give Kingship a significance as might be envisioned by a functionalist anthropology, viewing it however in an expansionist mode as part of a goal aimed toward the unification of all Africa, with the late playing his part in leading a “crusade” of expanding love relationships in this corner of the continent.

Let the twinkling stars and the moon exhibit their beauties in adoration to the king.

Okosi II is dead but his memories will live for ever.

Although he has been severed with mother earth but the dignity that was his demeanor will live for ever.

Let the murmuring Nkisi and Idemili streams flow through their winding courses solemnly in obedience to the great King that has gone to rest.

Let misty Nsugbe Hills and Smokey Valleys pay him homage.

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Chief Oduah’s eulogy also considerably expands the Onitsha king’s domain beyond its traditional range of the Onitsha community and contiguous farmlands, proclaiming him the king of all Igboland (a title which — as we would eventually recognize from our research — is historically more appropriately associated with the Eze Nri of the eastern hinterlands).

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