Single dating for people with disabilities

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Single dating for people with disabilities

The syndrome of nonverbal learning disabilities is now well recognized in the field of neuropsychology.

For example, they may be relatively capable of simple visual discrimination tasks requiring them to find shapes that are similar to or different from a target shape.

The foremost researcher in the area is Byron Rourke, although many other individuals have been intimately involved with investigating and treating this disorder (e.g., Fletcher et al., 1992; Johnson & Myklebust, 1967).

Perhaps the first written descriptions of the syndrome were prepared by Johnson and Myklebust, although there is no reason to believe the disorder is new.

Despite this fact, the syndrome is unfamiliar to many psychologists, diagnosticians, and educators.

There is no formal provision under federal special education law recognizing the existence of nonverbal learning disability as a handicapping condition.

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In most cases, children with this disorder are best classified as Other Health Impaired.