Shaun evans andrea corr dating

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"So, gradually, we learned to respect each other as non-family, just as bandmates.

Because you can't survive if you're going, 'That's typical of you; that's what you always do,' or whatever.

"I'll never forget the shock on her face," Andrea says, "wondering what had happened to us." As the baby of the family, you might think it was odd for Andrea to be the one out front and, inevitably, winning the lion's share of the attention.

From childhood, she had always been the singer, Andrea says, and, so, it didn't feel strange and she didn't shy away from it.

It was like they breathed a sigh of relief on home ground, she recalls, and slipped back into their old roles.

Their late mother Jean, who died November 1999 while waiting for a lung transplant, could only look on in horror.

Mad good and mad bad and mad crazy and madly different from where she is now, solo on the sofa and solo on her second album.

Andrea Corr won't pretend to be entirely at ease with the whole promotion -- and self-promotion -- business that goes with launching Lifelines, her new album of cover versions.

"I was quite disillusioned with the whole business after my first album," she says."People always assumed that we wanted to sit right up tight together on the couch, or we'd have photo shoots where it was all about hugging or pillow fights and you got sick of being that physically on top of each other, all the time."It was mad, really," she reflects, not for the first or last time.There is a slight tremor in her hands throughout the conversation and she has a habit of raising her arms up and fixing her pinned-up hair when we stray into trickier topics.These range from potential motherhood, through her husband, Brett Desmond, to her brother Jim and his well-aired global-conspiracy theories, but she is not the eyes-downcast, retiring-to-the-point-of-reticent character you might anticipate from TV appearances, either.

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"You only get one shot at life and you have to make time for the important things." What the important things were might have seemed less obvious for Andrea, however, than for her siblings.