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Moroccan women however are not known for their love of foreign women who marry Moroccan men.

Some people talk as if the worse sin in this world is to fall in love with someone from Morocco.

He is my best friend as well as the man and love of my dreams.

This is getting weird enough to trip his weird-out meter, and that takes some doing.

You said it right, couldn't have been said any better.

So I just felt that I needed to start this new thread.

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Interpreters are ideologically suspect, mostly have capitalist semiotics and pay-per-use APIs.

" Manfred drains his beer glass, sets it down, stands up, and begins to walk along the main road, phone glued to the side of his head."Fucking Cold War hangover losers," he swears under his breath, quite angry, partly at himself for losing his cool and partly at the harassing entity behind the anonymous phone call.

A tourist boat putters by in the canal; the sails of the huge windmill overhead cast long, cool shadows across the road.

"Am organization formerly known as KGB dot RU." "I think your translator's broken." He holds the phone to his ear carefully, as if it's made of smoke-thin aerogel, tenuous as the sanity of the being on the other end of the line.

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