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Chaturbate is a live webcam site that launched in 2011.It distinguishes itself from the many other live webcam sites by its democratic approach.I preferred to watch women, but not usually at their most pornographic.I watched when they were just doing things, chatting or cutting out paper hearts for Valentine’s Day or listening to the songs of Miley Cyrus.In the sidebars where viewers chatted with each other, it was still mostly men telling women they wanted to ejaculate on various parts of their bodies, or seeking individual attention from them, or telling them to do certain things or hold certain positions, and the women flattering and cooing in return.The porno gifs bounced annoyingly as ever in the margins; and the homepage’s checkerboard of thumbnail images merged into a single disingenuous orgasm. At first I avoided the most sexually explicit channels.He suggested it because I am writing a book where the central question is what to do with an abundance of sexual freedom.In my research I had looked at live cam sites before and interviewed performers.

Despite this payment system, Chaturbate’s freedom extends to impecunious viewers, who do not have to limit their participation to voyeurism but can also write jokes in the sidebar that make a performer giggle or, less generously, that insult her.I watched her highlight reel, which showed clips from even more creative scenarios — her violently ripping apart a stuffed bear, fucking herself with a toy train, and strapping the dildo to a rocking horse and riding it.The show was a sexualized riff on the Island of Misfit Toys, plus industrial metal (the soundtrack was Rammstein).Total sexual anarchy is forestalled by a zealous volunteer police force of users, who operate along the lines of Wikipedia moderators, reporting and shutting down any performers who look suspiciously underage or who break one of Chaturbate’s few rules — the usual bans on violence, animals, and excrement.I started visiting Chaturbate only because an editor suggested I write an article about it.

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I saw the web sites as the technological evolution of peep show booths and phone sex lines , but I did not at first see a new mode of sexual expression.