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He married the beautiful Teresa when she was 16 years old. Anthony correctly predicted Breckinridge would be defeated when running for reelection. UT), one of the first men to represent Utah in the Senate, died in a Washington, DC hospital of a gunshot wound from a jealous mistress, Anne Maddison Bradley. The affair with Anne Bradley had been going on for years.

None of Sickles’s many infidelities were mentioned at the trial, however; rather, the Washington establishment lined up to support him, including President Buchanan himself, who convinced a major prosecution witness to leave town. She testified at her murder trial that, after leaving her husband, she met and fell in love with Brown in 1898.

He was charged with leaving the scene of the accident, and went on national television and described his failure to report as “indefensible.” He said he would not run for president in 1972, but has been consistently reelected to the U. Mills was reelected in 1974, and a few weeks later appeared on a Boston stage in pursuit of Mrs.

Battistella, whose earnings had jumped from 0 a week to 00 a week as "The Tidal Basin Bombshell." Mills quickly became the brunt of jokes, and was hospitalized to deal with his alcoholism.

During one of her one-night stands with a Congressman she videotaped their lovemaking with his excited permission.

Many thought Paula had also taped without permission, which caused no end of panic in Washington.

He got caught in the FBI's ABSCAM sting accepting a ,000 bribe and ended up in jail, and Rita got a divorce. The lovely lobbyist soon became known as "Parkinson's disease" – because mere mention of her name could make many members of the House start shaking.

Hinson, a married man and "family values" conservative, resigned his seat on April 13, 1981. He was defeated in his reelection bid -- not for being gay, but rather for his hypocrisy, for he had promoted family values and attacked gays. The account drew instant national attention for it detailed the infidelities and extramarital affairs of her husband.

Ray fictionalized her experiences with Hays in a book, the story of a blonde bombshell who became the Rep. At one point he had even forged his wife's name to document transferring title of their home.

Leggett resigned, and became a successful lobbyist. TX) was accused by his former secretary, Colleen Gardner, of giving her a pay raise when she finally acceded to his sexual demands.

In retirement, Mills explained that he had thought he had a brain tumor, and was trying to kill himself with liquor. Battistella penned an autobiography, The Congressman and the Stripper, which alleged that when she discovered she was pregnant with Mills's child, she had an abortion, fearing the baby would be malformed because of Mills's alcoholism. Hays's former mistress Elizabeth Ray, an attractive blonde and would-be starlet, went to the with her story of working for Hays, reporting: "I can't type, I can't file, I can't even answer the phone.” Her only responsibility, for which she was paid the going rate for a Congressional secretary, was to have sex with Hays (and his friends).

Within a few months, Hays was forced to resign from Congress, which ended both Congressional and Justice Department investigations. CA) acknowledged that he fathered two illegitimate children by a Congressional secretary, whom he supported financially; then he had an affair with another woman, who was an aide to Speaker Carl Albert.

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While Swisshelm’s boss, Horace Greeley, fired her over story, the charge stuck and is believed to be true. At Sickles’s trial for murder, his lawyer argued Teresa had driven him insane with her hideous betrayal. He was said to have seduced his own mother-in-law, and was censured by the NY Assembly for bringing his mistress, a prostitute by the name of Fanny White, onto the Assembly floor. KY) was sued by his long-time mistress and the mother of his illegitimate children, revealing his hypocrisy in advising young women that “chastity is the foundation, the corner-stone of human society.” Suffrage champion Susan B.

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