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I'd expected an encounter with great skuas, the giant feathered beasts of Orkney and the avian equivalent of football hooligans, as I struck out across Birsay Moor.Instead, it was greylag geese that kept me company in their hundreds, possibly thousands.On these quiet, flat roads, it was easy to quicken the pace after so much moorland plodding.I kept on for the Brough of Birsay, an island and Iron Age hill fort that can be reached across mesmerising rock pools for just two hours either side of low tide.

It was punctuated by abandoned houses colonised by watchful nesting crows and the mournful lowing of cattle that echoed across a silent landscape.

Most of the headline draws for coach parties – Skara Brae, Maeshowe and the Italian chapel – are elsewhere.

So what you get on this side of the mainland (the Orcadians' name for their largest island) are tightly-knit farming villages, all manner of wildlife, wild, pulsating coasts, and sheltered lochs and inlets.

Only three pairs of this small bird breed on the moor.

You'll identify it by its curved beak, and its haunting, whistling note that echoes bleakly in these wild parts.

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I was dropped off by the coastal bus in one such village, Evie, whose fetching name is apparently Norse for a "fast-flowing channel" and refers to the treacherous waters that lie between the mainland and the large adjacent island of Rousay.

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