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I have worked extensively with women and oppressed groups, and much of my experience is with spiritual wounding.

My hope is that our work together can reignite those things that bring you the most joy and life.*Have you sought Answers from multiple professionals with no success? Approaches Used: Client Centered Therapy, Dialecticial Behavioral Therapy, Play Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Neurofeedback (Brain training that can alleviate psychiatric symptoms and reduce or eliminate the need for medications).""The choice to enter into your story is admirable.Examining past wounds and current patterns is brave and risky.You are the expert on your life, and I can be a guide to the ways in which that expertise has become quieted or dulled.My hope is to help you hear your own voice more clearly and more fully.""Counseling is a way to rest in questions about ourselves, our relationships, and our worlds, as well as a place to discover how to create change.

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