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For information about "my" graveyards, see "Decoration Day (often called simply 'a decoration') is a late spring or summer tradition that involves cleaning community cemeteries, decorating them with flowers, and holding a religious service in the cemetery, often with 'dinner on the ground.' Decorations seem to predate the post-Civil War celebrations that ultimately gave us our national Memorial Day.Little has been written about this tradition, but it is still practiced widely throughout the Upland South, from Virginia and North Carolina to the Ozarks and beyond." ("He left and didn't say 'dog' to nobody" The person left without saying goodbye or anything else for that matter. Diana Peters, who grew up in Temple Hill, Ky., in the 1950s, remembers an expanded version: “He didn't say " Another variation: He was the first priest to “say turkey-dog to me about liking anything I wrote.” Flannery O’Connor, a writer born in Savannah, Ga., quoted in “Flannery: A Life of Flannery O’Connor,” by Brad Gooch, Page 279. The phrase expresses displeasure with someone’s lack of manners or breach of etiquette.” Never said dog, oldest citation: 1895. “Chickie, chickie – pea turks, pea, pea, pea.” Citation: 1940.Clean off the graveyard and place flowers and other decorations on the graves. The men mowed and the women decorated the graves and assembled a picnic lunch.The children played but were cautioned to never step on the graves. (I took my first baby step in Smith Cemetery while my family was decorating the graves.Va.) “Smoky Mountain Voices: A Lexicon of Southern Appalachian Speech Based on the Research of Horace Kephart,” edited by Harold J. Karl Nicholas (University Press of Kentucky, Lexington, Ky., 1993). A meal fit for a king was still called “a bite to eat.” To say otherwise was bragging.When company came and the food was ready, my mother would say, “I’ve fixed a bite to eat.” The “bite” to eat would include one, maybe two meats, corn, peas, beans, mashed potatoes, sliced cucumbers and tomatoes, cole slaw, cornbread or biscuits, “light” bread, hot coffee, sweet milk for the kids, and pie and cake. It was considered impolite to tell of your accomplishments or possessions.Dutch leave is a less common, but apparently real, variant.” From ““…This particular expression is well over two hundred years old; it is just a variation of an older theme that was absurd enough to appeal to the popular fancy.

“A basic over-and-over stitch, can be used to form a hem or seam.” See diagram Alternate spelling, Fannie.

When I say that Doc Jones thar is brigaty among women-folks, hit means he’s stuck on hisself and wants to show off....feisty means when a feller's allers wigglin' about, wantin' ever'body to see him, like a kid when the preacher comes..." ” “Smoky Mountain Voices: A Lexicon of Southern Appalachian Speech Based on the Research of Horace Kephart,” edited by Harold J. Karl Nicholas (University Press of Kentucky, Lexington, Ky., 1993). So in the 1960s I would on occasion spend Saturday night with my cousin Carolyn so we could watch Chiller Theater. The neighbor was standing in a doorway watching the clouds roll in.

She said, "It's comin' up a storm." Spoken like a true West Virginian.

It reads: ‘A swyne to teach Minerua, was a prouerbe, for which we sai: Englyshe to teach our dame to spyne.’ ( In answer to a call to list the "top five list of freaky girls" in Beckley, W.

Va., on (15 March 2010) someone wrote: "If you know how to drive on the 'big road,' and have been out of West Virginia you will know that being a freak is a good thing." (Big = interstate, I assume.) At short intervals.

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“Dictionary of American Regional English,” Volume 1 by Frederic G. If you drive slow there at night, a ghost will get in your car. The ghost was a person killed in a wreck and won't stay in a speeding car.