Sex dating in buntingford hertfordshire

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Sex dating in buntingford hertfordshire

Haselhurst, Sir Alan, MP, Member of Parliament for Saffron Walden; chm of Ways and Means and Dep Speaker. Nurse, Paul Maxime, Dir gen, Imperial Cancer Research Fund. Vereker, John Michael Medlicott, CB, Permanent sec, Dept for Internat Development. Gieve, Edward John Watson, Dir, Public Services Dirate, H. Mc Cluskie, John Cameron, QC, First Scottish Parliamentary Counsel and ltly Legal sec to the Lord Advocate. Turner, John, Dir, Jobcentre Services, Employment Service, Dept for Educ and Employment. Reeves, Helen May, OBE, For serv the Victim Support Movement.

The court heard how Aitken carried out sexual abuse, including rape, on his young male victims dating back to 2008.

Crooks, Garth, For serv the Inst of Professional Sport. Dyas, Hugh Roger, For serv Sugar Beet Research and Development. Elliott, Walter, JP, For serv Farming Ellis, Prof Roger Alfred Fairhurst, For serv Third Level Educ Elstrop, John, JP, For serv the Administration of Justice in Durham. For publ serv., Ferguson, Ian Keith, For serv Palynology and Botany and to the R Botanic Gardens, Kew. Frith, Anthony John, Lately hd Prison Catering Services, Prison Service, Home Off. Oman, Frederick Joseph, Project mgr, HMS Ocean, GEC Marine. Paterson, Prof William Edgar, Dir, Inst for German Studies, Univ of Birmingham. Peppiatt, Brian Kenneth, For serv Save the Children. For serv Training and Enterprise in the former Cnty of Avon. Stewart, Mrs Patricia Lesley, Headteach, Clatterbridge School, Wirral. Stokes, Aidan Bertram Gordon, Principal, North Warwickshire and Hinckley College. Stoller, Norman Kelvin, MBE, DL, Presdt, Seton Scholl Group plc. Stratton, Christopher Harry, chm, Forestry Commns Regional Advisory Committee for the Midlands and East Eng. Swan, Peter Thomas, For serv the Sea Cadets Association. Trundle, Mrs Shirley Jean, Grade 5, Childcare Unit, Dept for Educ and Employment. Verdin, Maj Philip George, MC, DL, For serv the R Brit Legion and to Agriculture in Herefordshire. Benson, Terrance Robert, Ancillary Heavy Cleaner, GEC Marine. Berry, Jack, For serv the commty in Chipping, Lancashire.

Cyril, Mrs Vernester Camilla, Midwife and Ward mgr, R Gwent Hospital. Das, Parag Chandra, Project dir, Bridge Management, Quality Services, Highways Agency. Davies, Peter Anthony, Dir, Stage 2 Trading, Electricity Pool of Eng and Wales. Davies, Spencer, mgg dir, Spencer Davies Engineering. Davies, William Bryan, For serv the Rhondda Health Care NHS Trust. Dunbar, John Greenwell, For serv Architectural History. Etwell, Michael William James, Lately exec dir Production, Eurostar Ltd. Everington, Anthony Herbert, Gen Medical Practitioner, London. Farquhar, Charles Don Petrie, Member, Dundee City Ccl. Filleul, Donald George, For serv the Cultural and Historical Heritage of Jersey. Fuhr, Michael John, Project dir, Channel Tunnel Rail Link, Dept of Env, Transport and the Regions. Myers, William George, Joint chm, Health and Safety exec/Local Authority Enforcement Liaison Committee. New, Michael Bernard, For serv Aquaculture in Developing Countries. Perolls, Graham Keith, For serv the Ellenor Foundation. Plant, Mrs Dilys, Lately Grade 5, Office of Water Services. Richards, Mrs Janice Kay, MBE, Assistant private sec to the Prime Minr. Swan, Thomas Macklyn, chm and mgg dir, Thomas Swan and Company. Taylor, Andrew Dawson, Dir and hd, ISIS Facility, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. Taylor, Miss Valerie Margaret, mgr, Information Services, Export Credit Guarantee Dept, Dept of Trade and Indust. Uren, John Michael Leal, For serv the R London Society for the Blind. Bevan, Brian William, Superintendent Coxswain, Humber boat Station. Birnie, James, For serv Working Conditions in the Construction ind. Black, Miss Susan, For serv the commty in Troutbeck, Cumbria. Blackburn, Mrs Hilda Ruvena, For serv the WRVS at Ninewells Hospital, Dundee.

Carr, David James, For serv the commty in Staffordshire. Compton, Mrs Sheila Kay, For serv the Debra Stappard Trust. Anderson, James Mac Millan, For serv Organic Farming. For serv the R Mail and to the commty in Marlow, Buckinghamshire. Bartholomew, Miss Dorothy Francis, For serv Christian Aid in Norwich, Norfolk.

Duckworth-Chad, Anthony Nicholas George, DL, For serv the Country Landowners' Association and to the Rural commty. Coffey, Martin Sean, QFSM, Dep ch Fire Offr, London Fire and Civil Defence Authority. Corrigan, Thomas Stephen, For serv the Charter Mark Award Scheme. Anderson, John Lothian, Lately Sen Agricultural Economist, Scottish Agricultural College. Arman, Charles Marcus, For serv the Thaxted Society and to Conservation. Barber, James, For serv the St Andrews Ambulance Service. Barton, Mrs Marie-Noelle, For serv the Engineering Ccls Women into Science and Engineering Campaign.

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Chumrow, Ernest John, chm, Waltham Forest Housing Action Trust. Clark, Miss Margaret Anita, Dir, Countryside Agency. Cowell, William, For serv Health Care for People with a Learning Disability. For serv the Prevention of Eye Diseases in the Third World. Bagnall, Mrs Dorothy May, For serv the commty in Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear. Banks, Mrs Patricia Ann, Clerical Support Team Leader, H. Beacom, Brian, Lately Convener, Greater Glasgow Health Ccl. Beale, Mrs Betty, For charitable serv the commty through Music in Rotherham, South Yorkshire.