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Hi tenure is leasehold and the freeholder has considered increasing the ground rent to ease the problem away, but that probably won't bother him as he's already carried out illegal building work to the house and gets away with this too!Anyone in or near Ellington, by Morpeth, who can help with this please get in touch, any female is at risk from this old deviant.

(If a sex offender fails to register, or fails to report a change of address, he or she could go to prison for up to five years.) If you are worried you should contact the police and apply under the Child Sex Offender Disclosure Scheme for information regarding the specific person you are concerned about. We have a man right opposite us who just pleaded guilty to downloading child pornography.This scheme was rolled out nationwide in 2011 and since then it has protected hundreds of children from potential harm.However, given the circumstances you have described, have you considered telephoning the police, or going to a police station, to tell them about your concerns? If this individual has made comments to you about your children, or has been seen acting suspiciously, then it is obviously necessary to report this activity to the police; not only for the sake of your children, but also for other children living nearby.I am a concerned neighbour Filled in Sara's law but no response been told my police my now ex husband is aseriuous danger to our daughter but also his sin from his first marriage and any grand kids been told that recently on two occasions and they've been to speak to my daughter to ,he has sexually abused his two step daughters in the past but also been told its nothing to do with that its new stuff on him How do I cope wiv a sex offender live next door he done 5 yrs in prison but I feel like I can't go in my garden in the summer as he's always out there in his shed an he also leans rite over the hedge cut it but looks straight in to my window I have a 14 yr old daughter he puts me on edge an gives me the creeps his wife is a very nasty person she looks down on us an walks around if she better than any one I wish they would move away out of shame mostly!As all the neighbours no what he did to his own daughter an his wife knew what he was doing!

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He's been seen by other neighbours staying on that side as well as by my neighbours on this side yet the police have so far failed to do anything, yet when he filmed a vulnerable woman who stays next door to him on his side, and subjected her to a physical assault, she was the one the police took away for questioning as the peeper had accused her of calling him the C word, so he carries on peeping and the poor soul who was driven to swear at the pervert was fined for a section 5 public order offence!

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