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Or you can click the Facebook button at the end of any page of this website which will also take you directly to the support group.

Under to join lawsuits which are being filed against implant manufacturers such as Mentor Worldwide LLC due to illness caused by silicone and saline breast implants.

The following list of 6 motivations seems to cover most of the common scenarios that people who self-injure describe.

Let's unpack these 6 reasons why people self-injure.

For example, they may have been traumatized by a rape experience such that they have PTSD symptoms and constantly be replaying that rape in their minds.

By cutting themselves, they are able to refocus their attention on the pain of the cut and for a short while, experience relief from the rape trauma.

This site was created because it is the information I wished was concisely available to me while identifying and recovering from my own long term breast implant illness.

Experience is the foundation of wisdom and may the words of this site benefit you. It does not take a medical degree to understand that two large bags of toxic chemicals implanted in the chest leaking over crucial organs and glands will cause profound illness in our bodies.

There will be many cases of breast implant illness in the future.Many women suffering from breast implant illness are misdiagnosed with other diseases that have similar symptoms and have been repeatedly told their breast implants are not causing their symptoms.Some women will go on to develop serious diseases and may even die because their breast implants are not removed in time. You may hear differently from your plastic surgeon. He may tell you that a Total Capsulectomy is not necessary. Do not believe this, in fact, we suggest not going to your original plastic surgeon for removal unless he readily acknowledges breast implant illness, silicone toxicity and insists on a En Bloc/Total Capsulectomy explant and is experienced at removing breast implants En Bloc.People mostly understand (I think) when someone becomes psychotic, gets stuck in a deep depression or has mood swings.These are exaggerations of normal states of mind—everyone has felt blue at sometime or another—everyone has felt euphoric or energized at least once.

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Because breast implants significantly impair the endocrine and immune system certain opportunistic organisms such as bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites can take hold and without elimination of the overgrowth of these organisms many women will continue to have symptoms after explantation.

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