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She looked so serene, so beautiful, so sexy that both of them were instantly attracted to her. As Jack's hands wandered over to squeeze the soft fair mounds of her breasts, Garrett’s hand felt her stomach and her hips. Suddenly, as she slipped into deep relaxation, she felt hands groping her body.If you are a more experienced healthy lifestyler, this weekend is an opportunity to refresh and recharge your battery.Before the Expo starts you can join in some fun with other Expo attendees.In this state, she did not realize the two men who came up close, attracted to her and to her body. Both looked drop dead gorgeous in their tight shorts with showed all the curves of their buttocks and the bulge.***The two men, friends, had just checked into the hotel. As they walked up the beach they saw a beautiful girl lying on the beach. They just couldn’t seem to keep their hands to themselves.

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As they looked her over, they felt a sudden tug in the lower body. They looked at her and took in every curve, every detail of her body as they looked her over. There was something about her that instantly attracted them to her. Becky let out a soft moan as Garrett’s hand began to explore Becky's thigh. As Jack kept squeezing the breasts, he bent down to kiss the luscious lips when she suddenly opened her eyes which held in them an emotion of shock. She, over the last few months had suspected that her boyfriend was not loyal to her anymore. While her brain realized what was happening, her body reacted to the touch. She couldn’t cope with the duality of the feelings her brain felt.

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