Sex chat funky hot only

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Sex chat funky hot only

At our prom, I managed to ball Sara, the one girl Dennis wanted to slide his shaft into but didnt. I had planned it so well that he caught us both having sex. A fact, which unfortunately, was also revealed by all the bitches we drilled and shared. At this point, there was no fucking reason to hide our respective schlongs, so me and dad just had our arms at our sides. So, Charles, just out curiosity.whats your favourite sexual position? In truth, he was too much of an asshole, like my dad at the time, for me to really give a fuck! Continually lighting fires under their asses and his Nazi-like attention to detail made them hate him even more. Dad and I nodded back very quickly as our skin-flutes jolted in excitement. We couldnt take our eyes off each other as we slowly penetrated their asses. was all I could grunt as Cindy and Suzy continued to gasp and moan as we pushed into their holes ever deeper. It was like the fucked up sex dream was bursting at the seams. I quickly wondered why the guys werent recording the whole twisted event with their cell phones. Lets slam our fuckin pricks and pound the shit out of these asses, buddy! Except there was one guy called Peter that my dad hung out with that he felt he could trust and confide in since Peter didnt seem to be a part of the group. Arnie was a lazy fuck and was good friends with the gang that worked with dad. I could feel my foreskin being pulled back and my aching purple voyager continuing to drill on its anal journey. Why were they filming with just two old-style video-cams that were at least ten years old? Cant believe were actually slammin our fuckin cocks so fuckin deep into these bitches asses! I think this is the only thing weve ever done together that weve actually liked doing! Deep slide that thicker cock of yours all the way, son! Lets drill the fuck out of these bitches and lets gitter done, bro!

He and his co-workers, Sean, Matt, Mike, Parm, Yul, Campbell and Miguel didnt get along since my father worked with an iron fist and they were all fucking slackers who didnt really follow all procedures and they always seemed to do the least possible work. Without any hesitation or thought I moved into position. Father and son were now enjoying the full pleasures of anal doggy-style! But I was secretly hoping that me and dad would just forget about it and accidentally reward them with our French homemade cream sauce.

We fucked the same chicks back then, and we kept cock-blocking and trying to out-humiliate each other every chance we could. Arnie then clapped once and ordered, Okay, hands off pricks!

He thought I idolized him and that I was jealous because it was widely known he had a huge eleven-inch cock and knew that mine was at least half that length. My dad and I threw a couple of extra tugs in before we finally stopped our mutual two-man masturbatory session. The guys cheered and I was startled by how fast his response was and even more shocked by his answer since that was my favourite as well!

With my financial problems growing, I moved back in with dad since mom was now living with an even bigger asshole than pops! Cindys asshole was like a perfect tight glove on my fuck-stick. Four inches in, I stopped pushing since my engorged dick was in the grip of her anal muscles and wasnt letting go. I grunted back at him with equal strength and I couldnt seem to look away.

It had been two months since I had moved in with him and things were going pretty well between us. Of course dad knew that if he had tried that abuse, verbal shit with me again, I wouldve kicked him in the nuts. I knew it was depraved and completely bizarre but I somehow needed to see his facial expressions as he stuffed his eight-inch staff into Suzys anal hole. Dad winked at me and smirked as our anal-slam continued. We were now in our favourite sexual position for a roomful of horny, depraved bosses and co-workers who seemed to enjoy watching this live unplanned sex show of bizarre proportions.

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Dad knew something was up when it seemed Arnie was purposely screwing around the work schedules and giving my dad inconsistent shifts, mainly nightshifts and graveyard. Before the real shit started going down, I was surprised when to get a job interview. I responded with smug confidence and a smirk, Like father. I guess it was weird to learn that we had more things in common, even if that meant they were all sexually related. It seems horny hairy fucks like us are a part of our familys legacy, son! Cindys ass was sending signals to my throbbing dick like a homing beacon.

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