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The cash in the estate bank account may be used to pay any estate-specific bills, such as valid debts that the decedent owned, or court filing fees.As the executor, you’ll also be able to sell any of the stocks, bonds death or other securities to raise any cash necessary to manage the estate while it’s in probate.In order to set that up, you’ll need the death certificate, letters of testamentary from the court, and an EIN from the IRS.All of the decedent’s liquid or negotiable assets should be transferred into this account.In most cases, asset distribution of real estate – a house, vacation property or land – depends on how the property is titled, although laws vary by state.If a deed is only in the name of the deceased, that property usually transfers to either the beneficiaries or the heirs, depending on state law.As long as asset distribution is equitable based on the current market value of the stocks and bonds, it doesn’t matter how these are divvied up.

If your project is too large or complicated to manage yourself, give us a call anytime for a free consultation: 800-913-7747.If the Will directs the property be sold, the Executor will sell the house and distribute the proceeds to the beneficiaries.If the Will identifies a specific person to inherit the property, that asset will usually pass to the heir.Here is how to properly distribute estate assets, including household items, real estate, and cash.Tangible assets are things you can physically touch that don’t have a title attached – furniture, antiques and jewelry, for example.

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