Self updating excel graphs

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Self updating excel graphs

I’m seeing a lot of referral traffic to this post searching for Excel 2010.

Click in cell C3, select Data » Data Validation, choose List, and then enter the different values you want as options (I’ve used 3, 6, 9, and 12 here, but any list of integers will work): And, let’s name cell Report Range: Does this seem like a lot of work?

If you are looking for other Excel 2010-specific information that this post doesn’t cover, please leave a quick comment as to what the change/issue is that led you to the search.

Thanks.] I’ve had a pretty good run of theoretical posts about the nature of marketing measurement of late, so it seemed like I was due for a more down-in-the-weeds-Excel-efficiency-tactics write-up.

This blog isn’t really focussed on all of the myriad ways that Excel can be contorted to represent data effectively, but I’m a big believer in using tools as effectively as possible to remove as much rote report generation as possible.

There are lots of blogs devoted entirely to Excel tips and tricks.

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