Sedating a dog when traveling Free usan adult chat tv online

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Sedating a dog when traveling

She currently teaches pet first aid and disaster response courses for the Emergency Care and Safety Institute to pet owners throughout Southern California.Melanie lives in Topanga, California with her husband, Mark, and Taiga, their six-year-old Lab.Arriving in new locales can feel glamorous and exciting, but let’s face it, getting there is rarely half the fun.

Also prepare a couple of treat-stuffed Kongs or other durable treat-dispensing toys.Use brightly colored paint pens or markers and write your dog’s name in big letters across the top.Write something like “I’m Lucy and I’m very friendly! Next, type up instructions on a sheet of paper listing your name, flight number(s), cell phone, emergency contact numbers and final destination. If it will be a long flight, securely attach a small pack containing a baggie of kibble, small bottle of water, poop bags and leash to the back of the crate with duct tape in case of delay.Booking a pet-friendly flight begins with a good deal of research if the dog must fly “below cabin.” Careful consideration must be given to the dog’s breed, health, age and disposition to determine whether flying is in their best interest.Begin by checking the airline’s pet travel policies on their website.

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If the dog is already comfortable being crated at home, practice lifting the crate with him in it (you’ll need someone to help you) and gently jostling it around, placing it in the car, and driving around.