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Sean gets coaxed into telling a detailed account of an old erotic adventure to his tennis partners roommate Carmen in an attempt to relieve her writer"s block problem.

The sordid kinkyness of his story leads to more wild fun than originally planned...

To coin a word...became """africanized." Diana and I are two friends who get into a game that has consequences for one of us.

By the way, Diana is my friend, but when it comes to games, she is very competitive and will always try to win and mock the loser...

Damon is pleased that he brought Dillion off one last time, especially since he’s at the limit of his endurance.

Pulling out, he covers her big boobs and part of her face in his cum that gradually drips down her body as she plays with the evidence of his love.

She responds with total passion, pushing him down onto the bed and taking total control by pulling out his stiffie and going to town licking and sucking him off.

When she frees her tits from the bra that constrains them, she puts them to work by wrapping them around Damon’s member and then pumping back and forth so that he can feel the warm embrace of her cleavage over every inch.

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When Dillion makes it clear that she wants to continue sucking on his dick, Damon is happy to pull her into a 69 that allows them to both express their passion at the same time.

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