Sd sb dating Chatmilf

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Sd sb dating

I’m not going to pretend that I’m never jealous myself; I don’t think anyone is able to be truly free from jealousy, honestly.

Holding yourself to be some mythical non-jealous saint is just going to make you feel bad.

In fact, I kind of feel bad for your boyfriend, getting "equal attention" to your SD AND other SD, the bf should be getting more as love should mean more than money. It's rare that someone is OK with their partner having sex with others, something you would need to be very open-minded and tolerant to accept.

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This man literally has another phone just to talk to chicks and rents an apartment just to meet them there.

I know i didn't sign up for a vanilla relationship but is it normal to feel this way?

Feeling jealous is fine, but understand you met him under SB/SD terms, not a traditional relationship.You guys did agree on NSA though, so I wouldn’t expect him to change or anything.You’ll have to look at yourself and decide if you can keep it NSA or to break it off and find someone better suited for you.You have no right to be jealous if you have 2 sd and a vanilla bf.If your catching feels and its affecting you that much you need to have a serious conversation about being monogomous and deactivating each others profiles. It's part of the game, you're not in a traditional relationship and to be honest, you're entering it on his terms mostly.

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I didn't really care much about him initially but he paid me good bucks,better than what others offer in my area.