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Scott storch dating

It’s been asserted that Scott Storch net worth has an approximation of 10 thousand dollars.

Therefore, although Scott Storch had some problems in his life, he’s attempting to do his greatest and get on his track once more.

Storch enjoyed a reputation as a hip-hop Lothario who bedded such tabloid staples as Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton. Storch found his taste for cocaine at a 2005 party in Los Angeles, when a friend pulled him into a bathroom and offered him a line. "I did coke constantly and provided it for everyone else," he says -- although he dismisses reports that he spent million on blow.

"You couldn’t snort that much if you tried." By 2006 the cracks started to show.

Puffing on a Marlboro Red and dressed in designer jeans, spotless white Louis Vuitton sneakers and a gray Diesel T-shirt emblazoned with the words "Mr.

Cool," he is waving his arms and driving an adoring crowd into a frenzied state as lasers flash and semi-clad dancers writhe in time to the music. Outside Mansion it's actually late afternoon, and aside from the throng around the DJ booth, the club is empty.

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He is once again writing and producing songs (for rapper Rick Ross, DJ duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and DJ Steven Lee) and prioritizing a new career as an electro-pop singer.