Sax fatbideo sax

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Sax fatbideo sax

Using alternate fingerings allows a player to play faster and more easily.The patent encompassed 14 versions of the fundamental design, split into two categories of seven instruments each, and ranging from sopranino to contrabass.

Selmer is, by far, the Saxophone to which all others are compared.Yamaha is Selmer’s biggest rival in the Saxophone market.There is a subtle tone difference between the 62 and Custom, the Custom being slightly brighter to some listeners.The first substantial modification was by a French manufacturer who extended the bell slightly and added an extra key to extend the range downwards by one semitone to B.It is suspected that Sax himself may have attempted this modification.

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Just as in choosing an automobile, choosing a Saxophone depends on looking at the various features, and finding those that are meaningful to you.

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