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Samantha mathis dating history

The funny thing is, she wasn't lying or exaggerating. If you can't be slutty when you are 17 years old and cute, when are you supposed to do it?

The boys' parents were in an uproar, and it was totally understandable.I don't know if he attempted to actually fuck Fluffy or if it was a lick-the-peanut butter kind of deal but apparently someone caught him. Just a dirty, filthy bitch and she swore like a sailor. She wasn't even cute, either, but actually downright homely. She screwed guys at the school..boys' locker room was a favorite spot.We had woods on one side of our school, so she would sneak out of class and screw boys out there. Even though we lived in the Midwest, she resembled a California girl (tall, thin, huge tits, long blonde hair).She didn't necessarily fuck a lot of guys at are school (just the hottest one), but she would brag about her exploits with various NFL players and world famous singers. Now we all feel great shame about it, which is a bit ridiculous.

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This was 20 years ago, and I have no idea whatever happened to Jen, but I'm sure she has a shitload of kids by different fathers by now.

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