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Sure, I was around people all day but that was work; I worked in lycra and now I was dining in lycra. Over the next few weeks, I forced myself to eat out alone in various restaurants close to my home and learned some valuable lessons for eating out solo, meeting people and staying safe.Firstly, learn what your alcohol limit is, quickly and stick to it. I was really nervous when I arrived, underestimated the size of the martinis and after three, realized I was in trouble.Hundreds of Finger Lakes and regional businesses do business with us every month.

It is the first book to deal with the problems of communicating to a skeptical, media-blitzed public.

Until a woman knows what she is looking for in a husband then she will not know how to tell the princes from the douche bags! For just a few seconds, there were no strangers at LAX, just friends bumping into each other for the first time. If you are asked a direct question on a first date then tell the truth, they can handle a direct answer and will never respect you if you lie now and come clean later.

Even if it means they don’t want you, they’ll respect you for being honest. I opened my laptop and you-tubed “how to install a cat door” and learned that I needed a jig-saw.

If you’re worth it to a good partner, they will battle anything to be with you. Matches are not made in heaven, they are made in spite of hell. If someone rejects you because of something you have, done or are, they can never cherish you. Sometimes, this comes from pure ignorance or lack of education on your particular baggage. Either hunger or boredom encouraged them to put their furry heads together and work out how to operate the door.

You are worth it, it’s whether they know it or not. Let them go on to find that there is no perfect match. As I swept up the sawdust, I felt deep sense of achievement; not just the feeling of completing a chore but that real swell of pride that comes from taking a risk and trusting in yourself. Now I just needed to invest in a self feeder for the midnight munchies.

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I had chosen one of the nicer restaurants in the terminal and positioned myself at the bar in between a large lady in a very expensive suit (she was in computer sales, I learned from her loud phone conversation) and a baseball-capped bear of a guy, hunched over his beer as though someone would suddenly leap from the sidelines and take it from him. I told her I was writer for a single girls’ blog and her face lit up and she confided in her Southern way, “Oh do I have advice for you, honey! I was bemoaning this fact to my married friend over drinks last week. I want to binge watch something on Netflix all day Saturday. Sometimes, just a different point of view is all it takes to make you happy. Baggage is separate from insecurity, so make sure you know the difference before labeling.

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