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Rules about christian dating

I remember praying once again for God to change this guy, and God spoke to me with this verse: “O Sovereign LORD! And because I sought the scriptures for what I wanted for myself, and not what God wanted for me; I interpreted this word from the Lord as: I am God, nothing is too hard for me… I thought, thank you Jesus, that’s right you can do all things. A list of character traits you will not compromise on.

You made the heavens and earth by your strong hand and powerful arm. But two wasted years later, I realized that God was actually saying: I’m God, and I have someone for you that you do not have to change. Since we cannot change people, we have to live with the fact that they may not ever change.

We all know there are many consequences to sexual sin and God simply wants to protect us from them.

If the Bible saying so isn’t enough, let’s look at science.

That’s the problem, during sex our bodies release these hormones regardless if it’s a hook-up or spouse.

A person who doesn’t embrace Christ doesn’t have the same beliefs that you do, may not have the same values as you, and may get you to compromise your beliefs in the process of your relationship together.

I am not a relationship expert but I know two things: had I not been obedient to God in my past relationships; I would NOT be married today and I would also NOT have the great man of God I have in my life today.

And the same goes for you: If you cannot commit and love a perfect God that took on your sin so you may be forgiven; you cannot love and commit to an imperfect person. (2 Corinthians NIV) I’m not sure how many times God laughed when I asked God to change a boyfriend.

In order to love others the way they deserve to be loved, we must love God first. It’s not that there isn’t power in prayer, but only God can change people and their hearts.

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This was the hardest lesson I had to learn while dating.

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