Royce and dwayne dating

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Royce and dwayne dating

In 2010, Reed called the cops on Howard for trying to pick their son up from daycare without proper permission.

That same year, Howard sued Reed for violating their court settlement by allegedly feeding dirt on him to the tabloids and blogs.

With So much drama between them, it seemed like Reed and Howard would never get along, but sources close to both Howard and Reed claim that the former couple’s family members came together to convince the two parents that they needed to begin communicating with each other again in order to be better parents for their son.

But now, after years of feuding, reports claim that the once dysfunctional parents have now made peace for the sake of their son.

For fans that don’t remember, Howard and Reed have had a tumultuous co-parenting relationship with each other for the past several years.

Recently, Reed began posting pictures of herself, Howard and Braylon spending time together, such as the photo posted above.

And sources say that the family has hung out several other times, as well.

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