Row cannot be located for updating saleslogix

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Row cannot be located for updating saleslogix

At this level SQL Server and My SQL are very similar and I can write a wrapper class over both of them to hide the different data sources from the rest of the program.

Although you need to write more code using this approach, it is all in your control and problems are easier to resolve because you van actually see what is going on.

Columns(1) = DBGet One Value("Select Acct Desc from Accounts" _ & " Where Acct No = '" &TDBGVoucher Line. Col = 2 Reply William, I think you may want to set the bookmark value of the grid after the Re Bind instead of before.

t=539898 the only thing i can see from those is that it doesnt update the record because there is no promary key shouldnt rs.addnew() deal with that?

When you use all the infrastructure of things like ADODB or ADO. problems can be much harder to find, you are also buying into a lot of stuff you may not need and it may not work with the database you want to use.I am in the process of converting a My SQL database application that uses this approach from VB6 to VB. I used VBMy SQLDirect in VB6 and have switched to just using My Sql Data Reader and action queries on the VB. This same app also needs to access SQL Server databases for some of its data.For that I can use Sql Data Reader and action queries.I tried looking the order items up on their unique record number (primary key), then I tried on their order number, item name and colour (a unique set of values).It's always the same item(s) in a given order, but for different orders it will not be the same item, colour or row number as other orders. Maybe the v5 driver will do this properly, but I've never really had much success with the v3.51.x driver.

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Not all validation rules are appropriate for the synchronization process, especially in scenarios where the sync process has no way of knowing the information that is being required.

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