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Cainta serves as the secondary gateway to the rest of Rizal province from Metro Manila.

With the continuous expansion of Metro Manila, Cainta is now part of Manila's conurbation, which reaches Cardona in its easternmost part, and is therefore one of the most urbanized towns.

One of them was Father Alonso de Alvarado, who had been in the armada of Villalobos.

Another was Father Agustin de Albuquerque, who became the first parish priest of Taal town, south of Manila.

The Municipality's name may also have come from the Sanskrit word “kāṇṭha” [Kah-Uhn-Thaa] (कांथा), which means a narrow place or constriction.

It also means ‘stem’ or ‘branch’ in Sanskrit literature, describing the deeply forested tropical Wilderness which used to surround the area.

It lies in the Marikina Valley, is 10% rolling hills and 90% residential-industrial.

It has the province's highest number of rivers and streams.

Joseph Subdivision, Villarica Subdivision, Riverside, and Midtown Village), Taytay (Greenland and eastern part of Cainta), and Antipolo (Valley Golf and Country Club, Valley View, and Palmera Heights) Cainta is bounded on the north by Marikina City and Antipolo City but not bounded San Mateo, on the west by Pasig City, and on the east and south by Taytay.

Although she was a member of a very rich clan, she showed generosity of heart to the poor. Jacinta grew to be an old maid because after her sweetheart got sick and died, she never fell in love with anyone else.

When her parents died and she was left alone in the house, she continued her charity work.

Virtually all had taken Filipina brides (or soon did so).

The region in and around the town still has many Sepoy descendants.

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The two ships were in such disrepair when they arrived in Panay that one of them was not allowed to return to Mexico.

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