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Rmdating sap

Changing other data for standard fields constitutes a modification.

Therefore, you cannot use the Customizing function "Assign Fields to Field Groups" to change this data.

Use these data elements in include CI_MMH1, but use the field names from table MARA and so on. c) If you have not used customer structure ZMMH1 before, create it as a copy of structure BMMH1 and delete the standard fields that you do not require.

You are not permitted to delete field STYPE and include CI_MMH1 when doing this.

Details about this subject (especially the procedure when using customer structure ZMMH1) are described in the IMG for transferring the material data under item 'Maintain Transfer Structure'.

Also, check the declaration of structure WA in program RMMMBIMC to see whether it is declared with sufficient length.

You can display possible values by using the input help for the maintenance status field in the Customizing activity "Configure Material Master" when maintaining logical screens.

d) Reference (T130F-KZREF) This indicator must be set if the field from the reference material should be proposed during creation with reference.

If the changes of the fields should be recorded in the change document and taken into account during ALE distribution, set the 'Change document-relevant' indicator for the corresponding data elements.

Also, add the customer-specific fields to the tables in which the incorrect data is stored during direct input.

These tables have the same name as the corresponding master data table and also have the suffix _TMP.

Other terms SAPLMGMM, RMDATIND, ALE, CI_MMH1, EXIT_SAPLMGMU_001 Solution To add customer-specific fields to an existing material master table (such as MARA or MARC) , you can proceed as follows as of Release 3.0C: 1.

Symptom You want to integrate customer-specific fields in material master maintenance.

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In Release 3.x, the length of the field names must be the same as the standard five character fields. As of Release 4.0A, the lengths of the field names can be longer than five characters.

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