Recipient policy not updating email addresses

Posted by / 12-Aug-2020 12:11

It seems odd that changing the name in ADUC doesn't update the email address but doing the same name change in EMC does. AD is not Exchange aware but Exchange is AD aware since it relies on it. Regards, Mark Check out my scripting solutions at Work SMARTER not HARDER.I have a single Recipient Policy running and for some reason it is not updating on the users. Does it take Xmins or does it do it at a specified time?

I assume it would changed automatically eventually but can't find anything to tell me when it does.

Our mail addresses at the moment have no pattern, some are [email protected], some are [email protected] can I change the default email address, preserving the old as a proxy, while keeping everything before the @the same?

I can export as CSV, find/replace, import again, but I'm not sure how to set it as the default.

The regeneration of proxy addresses only occurs when the policy is in an "applied" state. These two options only control the scope of users that the RUS looks at - they do not affect the decision-making process that occurs for each user. I have the new users that I set up using the new policy.

We're being re-branded and need to set the default email addresses to the new domain name.

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