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SEED COUNT: 400 plus Holborn\'s Glory Dianthus barbatus Trusses of purplish-red flowers with a white ring bloom on straight, stiff stalks that are gorgeous when planted in masses or border edging. A flower with a mystique exhaulted to almost angelic proportions is the heavenly sweet pea. White Ensign boasts large, wavy, ruffled white petals. Still the same large spikes of purple blooms on tall 150 cm branching stems. They have a higher nutritional value when they are cooked rather than raw. This plant should have a spot in everyone\'s garden. Bred very little since it became a popular cottage garden biennial 500 years ago. Nutritionally collards are a superstar being a great source of many essential vitamins and minerals. A hardy, colourful plant growing 30cm that will bloom from summer to frost.

Layia platyglossa Lemon-yellow, single daisy-like flowers fringed with tidy white tips bloom effortlessly all summer on this drought-tolerant, hardy annual.

Plants are well branched and bloom right through frost with occasional deadheading.

SEED COUNT: 500 plus Phacelia tanacetifolia Showy pale violet-blue clusters with protruding stamens uncurl like a ferns fiddlehead.

25 cm Scabiosa atropurpurea Native to SW Europe, Henry J. SEED COUNT: 200 plus Lobularia maritimum From two Greek words a, meaning not, and lyssa, meaning rage or madness.

SEED COUNT: 200 plus Centaurea imperialis A rare and renowned variety of Sweet Sultan with 8 cm mounded tufts of white flowers on long stems, excellent for cutting.

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