Questions to ask a church when candidating

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Questions to ask a church when candidating

Inseparable from the first question is this one, which is essentially about the nature of church.

If church is a building you enter, then in most places in the Western world you're going to have plenty of options. Or if the church is just a meeting you attend, then many of us again are going to be spoiled for choice. It's not less than that, but it's so much more. It's an outpost of heaven, a light through which Christ shines and brings life.

So when you're looking for a church, make sure this expansive vision of what it means to be the people of God energizes and shapes both the structures and activities of the particular expression of church you're considering. In saving you, the gospel incorporates you into God's people and enlists you into God's mission.

To disassociate yourself from, or only loosely affiliate yourself to, the people of God is a denial of the gospel.

What personality type do you best work with and what type do you struggle with? What type of staff environment do you function in most effectively?

How would you address an unexpected budget shortfall? What do you feel are the strengths and weaknesses of short term missions trips?

In preparation for my assignment to Grace Chapel (by God’s sovereign will) I had already served in four other churches.

One of those churches was the role of Senior Pastor.

How do you balance your life between family and ministry?

It gives you a great opportunity to teach them the true nature of both gospel and church.

What better chance to disillusion them of the notion that they are consumers and that church is all about them!

Church is the people of God, as they perpetually gather and scatter, for the purpose of making Christ known through their corporate witness of both word and life.

Church is the means of both discipleship and mission.

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What are your views on the relationship between: the staff, the board of elders, and the board of deacons? How do you identify the need for and go about developing a new area of ministry? How do you supervise, motivate and develop staff, interns and lay leaders?