Problem updating bios

Posted by / 30-Mar-2020 15:57

Problem updating bios

then, if you ever get to that point, let me know and I can explain the rest. I am able to take out the hitachi disk on an another computer and it works fine.

Its first partition is a recovery partition, and C: is the 2nd partition.It went to network boot instead of grub as it normally did. I re-installed the BIOS, which according to the feedback I got during installation removed the BIOS before installing the new one. I've exhausted all the things I could think to try, so here I am.I thought maybe the update messed with my other partitions so I re-installed Arch (which is my boot partition). In case there was something wrong with the partition table I deleted and recreated the partition table, and installed Arch. After this I thought the problem was most likely the BIOS. What is my next step, or have I damaged my computer irreparably?What I would do is remove the problematic drive and assuming you do not care about the content on it (let me know if you do), plug it in externally to another computer.then, if you ever get to that point, let me know and I can explain the rest.

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So now I'm thinking the problem is with the hard drive. I have had the same problem but instead with kali linux, I have two separate drives one running kali and one running windows 10.