Privacy policy indiandating com dating friends 4 u

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Privacy policy indiandating com

Before paying, you will be getting at least 10 messages (Chat Requests, Notifications...etc) to your registered email id.Once paid, job is done, you will get one confirmation message from the site admin. The same group also having different sites like Benaughty,, please be careful..But what happens if we access the same website from another location?Using a web-proxy based in the USA I visited again: As you can see, it looks like Sarah and her friends also live in St Louis (USA). The site is using geo-targeting to obtain your location, then simply displaying your local city/town name on the page.And here is the small print from their billing policy: So you need to cancel within 3 days otherwise you’ll find that £39.99 has been taken from your credit card. If you then look into their terms and conditions (not visible on the payment page) you will find the following statement: So even if you do attempt to cancel within the 3 day window, your chances are very slim that this will be approved in time.They also attempt to make the cancellation process as awkward as possible by making you call an operator in America.

Guys/Girls, Please do not waste your money on Indian Here at, we believe that the best way to find a compatible romantic partner is to spend time getting to know local singles -- not by trusting some guys in lab coats to match you with your soul mate based on superficial test results.That's why's online dating site makes it easy to meet other local singles.Here’s what it says on their billing help pages: So it’s as easy as pie to take out a subscription, but if you want to cancel, they’ll make you jump through flaming hoops.Another dirty trick they have up their sleeves is attempting to gain access to your email contacts.

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