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I don't want that stuff in my head But if doing it is a completely natural thing, why wouldn't you want your kids to do it?

Telling your kids to refrain from doing something that is a part of nature seems more harmful than anything.

My biggest reason for this diff Iculty was how much guilt I experienced because of my confused relationship with the idea I had of god.

I know many people are gonna say that it's normal and if you masturbate without porn, the. When I was going through middle school and high school I experienced a great deal of difficulty when it came time for me to think about sex and masturbation.

By stopping as a Christian, you are leaving yourself vulnerable to a type of guilt which is not natural.

There is not a single verse in Scripture which speaks to this issuedirectly. If it's that important,why isn't it even mentioned.

It's been a while since I posted an update about my Mormon wife. She continues to sext and send nude pics with 2 guys right now.

One is still the black guy from California, the other is a new guy from Utah. She has downloaded Kik (a first) and uses it regularly to communicate with them.

Sexual thoughts are notnecessarily ugly thoughts, yet we both know it is difficult to controlthem at times.

Another fact which a very mature and devout Christian counselling professor and Promise Keeper told our class once was that studies have revealed thatabout 70% of women masturbate and that 98% of men masturbate and theother 2% are lying.

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And I ask again, why would God make masturbation feel so great and then command you not to experience those great feelings? Please consider this, because I'd really hate for you to make the decision to teach your kids that something natural like this is bad.