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Unfortunately, that article is retired, because the problem was solved in Excel 2000.

Well, it seems to be back, on my machine, at least.

I tried the same thing in Excel 2010, where that old familiar message appeared – “Not enough system resources to display correctly”. After a lengthy Google search, I found a couple of forum posts that linked to an MSKB article about this problem.

Apparently this article listed the conditions that led to the error, and had a workaround.

Create _ (Source Type:=xl Database, Source Data:="Data2") Next pt End Sub Assuming you're willing to use VBA, this might be relevant.

Worksheets("Sheet1") ' Dynamically Retrieve Range Address of Data Set start Point = data Sheet.

Because you can set the font size in a combo box, it should work better if the worksheet is zoomed below 100%.

I chose option 1, and set the zoom level for the sheet with the named ranges to 100%.

I will add a big message on that sheet, warning people to leave the zoom alone.

Click Next and select the pivot table that you want to use as a source (select starting with the actual headers of the fields). You woudln't be able to do so within standard pivot table If you want to do it, you would need Office 2016 (or perhaps pover Pivot might work).

I assume that this range is rather static and if you refresh the source pivot and it changes it's size you would have to re-size the range as well. As @nutsch implies, Excel won't do what you need directly, so you have to copy your data from the pivot table to somewhere else first. Address Local 'Refresh any pivot tables that use this as a source Dim pt As Pivot Table Application.

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I have a Pivot table in excel that is using a raw table as its data source.

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